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Seek Knowledge,Even if you have to travel towards!
Raja Irfan SabirPost Doctoral Candidate,Huazhong University of Science & Technology,Wuhan, P.R. China( Knowledge: The Aim: Being a native of a neighboring country, Islamic
My Second Hometown――China!
Hello everyone! My name is Mert. I am from Turkey. Last year in summer, as soon as I graduated from Ankara University, I applied for a scholarship to study in China. After it was accept
It Comes True:Study in China!
I have always been amazed by China and everything about it; ever since I was a little boy. My decision to come here was more a decision to fulfill a childhood dream to see this amazing country.
Study Life in Munich!
September,2007,in the last year of studying for doctor degree, I obtained the opportunity of the full amount-scholarship of “National construction of High-level university government-funded