Associate Prof. LIU Ping


  LIU Ping

  Associate Professor

  Department of Technological Management and Intellectual Property



  B.E. (Majored in Patent Management), HUST, 1990.

  Overseas Visiting and Training

  Courses Taught

  Contract Law, Economic Law, Trademark Law, Intellectual Property Law, etc.

  Industrial Experiences

  Research Interests

  Corporate Patent Strategy, Corporate Intellectual Property Management, Intellectual Property Human Resource Capital, etc.

  Representative Research Papers

  1)Demonstration of patent technology maps’ facture, Science Research Management, 2006,Vol.27,No.6,109-117.(with Zhang J. & Qi C.)

  2)Formulation of Patent Strategies for Enterprises by Using SWOT Analysis, Chinese Journal of Management, 2006,Vol.3, No.4,464-467. (with Pan H. & Lu Q.) (in Chinese)

  3)Facture of Patent Technology Maps and Its Demonstration: Citing Laser Information Storage Technology As An Example, Chinese Journal of Management, 2005,Vol.2, No.5,555-558. (with Zhang J. & Qi C.) (in Chinese)

  4)On Export Inspection Systm of Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Right in China, R&D Management World,2003,Vol.15,No.5,93-97. (with Zhang Y. & Qi C.) (in Chinese)

  5)Application of Patent Map in R&D Management of Enterprise, R&D Management, 2005,Vol.17,No.2,47-52. (with Wu X. & Qi C.) (in Chinese)

  6)Study on adaptability of intellectual property persons with ability replying WTO, Intellectual Property, 2004, No.1,53-55. (With Sun W.) (in Chinese)

  7)Recall system of defective product and competition capability of Chinese product, China Quality,2002,No.5,25-27. (with Qi C.) (in Chinese)

  8)Coordination reconstruction of administrative arbitration and judicial Examination in patent Dispute, Science Research Management, 2000,Vol.21,No.1,73-80.(with Wang H.) (in Chinese)