Dr. DING Xiuhao

  Dr.DING Xiuhao, is hosting projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education of China. He has published more than 10 papers.

  Research Interests:

  Intellectual Property Management, Knowledge Management,

  Technological Innovation, Strategy Management, etc.


  Ph.D. (Majored in Management Science and Engineering), Xi’an Jiaotong Uninversity, 2010.

  B.E. (Majored in Industrial Engineering), Shandong University, 2005.

  Courses Taught

  Economic Law, etc.

  Research Interests

  Intellectual Property Management, Knowledge Management, Technological Innovation, Strategy Management, etc.

  Representative Research Papers

  1) Ding Xiu-Hao (corresonding author), Huang Rui-Hua. Effects of knowledge spillover on inter-organizational resource sharing decision in collaborative knowledge creation[J]. European Journal of Operational Research, 2010, 201(3):949-959. (SSCI & SCI)

  2) Liu Heng, Hou Jigang (corresonding author), Yang Pianpian, Ding Xiu-Hao. Entrepreneurial orientation, organizational capability, and competitive advantage in emerging economies: Evidence from China[J]. African Journal of Business Management, 2011, 5 (10): 3891-3901. (SSCI)

  3) Ding Xiu-Hao  (corresonding author), Huang Rui-Hua, Liu Donglin. Resource Allocation for Open and Hidden Learning in Learning Alliances[J]. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2012, 29(1): 103-127. (SSCI)

  4) Liu Heng, Ding Xiu-Hao (corresonding author), Guo Hai, Luo Jinhui. How does slack affect product innovation in high-tech Chinese firms: The contingent value of entrepreneurial orientation[J]. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, accepted. (SSCI)

  5) Ding Xiu-Hao, Liu Heng (corresonding author), Song Yongtao. Are internal knowledge transfer strategies double-edged swords?[J]. Journal of Knowledge Management, accepted. (SSCI)

  6) Ding Xiu-Hao, Huang Rui-Hua. The impact of intellectual property right risk on the inter-firm knowledge transfer in collaborative innovation. Science Research Management, 2008, 29(3):16-21. (in Chinese)

  7) Ding Xiu-Hao, Huang Rui-Hua. Moderating effect of media richness on relationship between knowledge ambiguity and knowledge transfer. R&D Management, 2008, 20(5):9-13. (in Chinese)

  8) Ding Xiu-Hao, Huang Rui-Hua, Ren Su-Hong. Intellectual property risk and control in independent innovation based on knowledge flow. Science of Science and Management of S. & T., 2009, (9):72-76. (in Chinese)

  9) Ding Xiu-Hao, Huang Rui-Hua. A study on intellectual property risk due to knowledge transfer media in collaborative innovation on media richness. R&D Management, 2010, 22(4):92-98. (in Chinese)