Professor Yu Xiang was awarded the title of "intimate tutor" of graduate student of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  (Reporter: Yang Quan, from the media center of graduate student union, School of Management; Translator: Liu Xue)

  Carry forward the teachers moral model, the spirit of the central china. September 13th evening, the 3rd session of the Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology graduate student intimate tutor in the Academy of mechanical engineering academic report concluded. My college doctoral tutor, Professor Yu Xiang, director of the Institute of intellectual property rights, Professor Zhou Zhijiao won the title, my college Party committee, deputy secretary of the teacher attended the event.

  The third session of graduate students "intimate tutor" selection activities have experienced four links: nomination recommendation, online voting, paper voting and on-site assessment, and so on. After three rounds of the weight of the results, I college professor Yu Xiang with intimate image, become one of the fifteen intimate mentor.

  Professor Yu Xiang is an acclaimed international expert scholar, was appointed as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) consultant; was awarded the "European natural science and social science academy, and served as a visiting professor in Germany, France and other countries of the well-known universities. He has presided over the completion of a number of international cooperation, national self-research fund and other research projects, published more than and 120 academic papers, invited to do more than 40 international conference report. I focus on scientific research, Professor Yu Xiang is also very concerned about the development of students, is not only the academic leader, it is their spiritual mentor. Part in the acceptance speech, Professor Yu Xiang said although he has won many awards, but he won the "good teacher" title and this make him really happy, because be accepted by students, is the greatest happiness a teacher can get. At the same time, he said he would do his best to help students develop, and look forward to seeing their future way better and wider.

  The event a total of fifteen selected "intimate mentor", each mentor and his students have a moving story, and forged a profound friendship. This is not only the excellent teachers in recognition of the general assembly in recognition of the work, but also on the central spirit of rigorous scholarship, students care about.