Taiwan "Su Hongxia intellectual property scholarship" to encourage students to forge ahead

  (Translator: Liu Xue)

  On the evening of December 7, 2015, the Taiwan "Su Hongxia intellectual property scholarship" awards ceremony was held at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology School of management 411 conference room. The event is sponsored by the Institute of intellectual property rights of the Institute of management.

  “Ms Su Hongxia intellectual property scholarship"by Taiwan science and technology law and intellectual property rights of famous scholars, Hsinchu Institute of management science and technology science and Technology Research Institute, Tsinghua University law professor Fan Jiande and his wife, Taiwan intellectual property practice expert Su Hongxia donated the establishment of ms.. The establishment of intellectual property rights Scholarship Award for scientific research, intellectual property and Intellectual Property Practice Award for outstanding public dedication Award three different awards, designed to encourage intellectual property research of German full-time graduate students, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers to engage in research on the theory and practice of intellectual property rights. At the same time, to promote cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in intellectual property research and personnel training and strengthen the blood on both sides of the Strait is thicker than the deep friendship.

  Jin Lingzhi,Secretary of Management Institute published ebullience speech, full of motivation. He expressed heartfelt thanks to Ms. Su Hongxias intellectual property scholarship donors professor Fan Jiande and MS. Su Hongxia, hope this scholarship can inspire students to work hard to strive for better development. The gold Committee encourages the students to combine theory and practice, to conduct scientific research, become the outstanding talents have a brilliant future in the field of intellectual property.

  Assistant dean Wang Haijun read out the list of winners, guests were awarded the prize.

  This time a total of 10 German intellectual property institute students won the award, the award-winning students for the scholarships to Taiwan professor Fan Jiande and MS. Su Hongxias research on the intellectual property rights by German young students to encourage and support expressed heartfelt thanks.

  Professor Yu Xiang, director of the Institute of intellectual property between China and Germany made summary speech, part of the school of management of intellectual property rights, and the German leadership professor in 2015 MS Su Hongxia intellectual property scholarship awardees represent the group photo.

  At the ceremony guests: Jin Lingzhi Secretary, Wang Haijun, assistant dean of School of management, School of management of intellectual property rights, the German science and technology management and intellectual property department associate professor Yang Weiguo, Professor Yuan Xiaodong and Professor Jiang Xunming. Participate in the awards ceremony, as part of the 2015 Su Hongxia prize in intellectual property rights of students. Yu Xiang, director of the Institute of intellectual property rights in China and Germany presided over the ceremony.