The delegation of our school was invited to attend the fourth Sino-German Joint Seminar in Heidelberg


From June 7th to 11th, on behalf of School of Management (HUST), a team that includes 8 students, was invited to attend the fourth seminar entitled "Sino-German Joint Seminar for Patent and Innovation" in Heidelberg University of Applied Science and Technology (SRH Heidelberg). The team was led by Prof. Yu Xiang, the director of Chinese-German Institute for Intellectual Property. 5 doctoral students from our institute, Zhang Ben, Deng Zhihong, Yang Wei, Wang Hua, He Wei, and 3 master students, Liao Tianlong, Wang Shiyun, Zheng Qing, made reports at the seminar respectively.
During the time in SRH Heidelberg, Prof. Yu and the Chinese students were warmly welcomed and entertained by Prof. Carolin Sutter, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Baumeister, the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law in SRH, Prof. Christoph Schärtl, the leader of LLM, and also the German students. The professors expressed the goodwill of further strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.
On June 8th, Professor Yu Xiang made a report entitled "IP Management for European Companies Doing Business in China". Then the students gave a presentation entitled "A Brief Introduction of the Chu Culture in the View of China", which introduced the ancient Chu history and the relative aspects including customs, musical instruments, diet and several famous scenic spots in Hubei, such as Shennongjia and Wudang Mountains. The presentation attracted much attentions from the German teachers and students. In the second presentation of Chinese students, it introduced the topic entitled "The New Development of Chinese Science and Technology Innovation Policies and Its Influence on Sino-German and Sino-European Innovation Cooperation", which includes the history, current situation and some specific cases on Sino-German innovation cooperation. At last, the German students also gave a presentation on the German traditional culture and history, which introduced the historical origin of political, economic and cultural systems in Germany. The Chinese students have more intuitive understanding about the German history and culture, and also the attitude of the German on their cultural accumulation.
On June 9th, Prof. Felix M. Michl, the professor of Intellectual Property Law at SRH Heidelberg university, introduced his research on European intellectual property law, which expanded the students' professional knowledge. The Chinese students actively ask questions and communicate with the professor. Then, the Chinsese students made a cultural report entitled "Insight into ‘Belt and Road’ Cooperation: A Chinese Ancient Cultural Perspective of ‘Peace is most precious’ ", and a followed academic report entitled "The Fourth Amendment of Chinese Patent Law and Its Significance to the Innovation Cooperation between Germany and China". The German audiences said they realized the real connotation and concrete achievements, and expressed much interests on the future Sino-German Cooperation.
During the seminar, Prof. Yu also met with Prof. Sutter to discuss the future cooperation on students exchange, applying research project jointly, expanding double master degree program, and the construction of the Sino-European Intellectual Property Institute, etc. Prof. Sutter made a preliminary decision that the delegation of SRH Heidelberg will visit our school to promote further cooperation in this September.
Our school has a good cooperation with SRH Heidelberg. In 2010, both sides signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the field of Intellectual Property and Business Administration. The delegation of SRH Heidelberg has been invited to visit our school during  2014-2016, and participated in the seminar on Sino-German cultural differences and commercial law. Our school has also the delegation to visit SRH Heidelberg in 2016.