Prof. Yu Xiang was invited to attend the 15th China International Exchange of Professionals • Global Intelligence Forum and made a keynote report


The 15th China International Exchange of Professionals • Global Intelligence Forum, jointly organized by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Shenzhen Government, was held in Shenzhen on April 15th. This forum was entitled "Gathering Global Talent, Sharing the China Opportunities", which invited the state leaders, the leaders from State Council ministries and commissions, the government of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City, more than 20 Nobel laureates, well-known experts at home and abroad, scholars and business leaders and other guests. More than 2,000 domestic and foreign guests attended the forum and some of them delivered wonderful speeches. Prof. Yu Xiang, the director of Chinese-German Institute of Intellectual Property, was invited to attend the forum as a famous intellectual property expert and made a keynote report entitled "Chinese Innovation and Green Development".
Prof. Yu Xiang made a wonderful speech, which included the perspectives that the invention and innovation should be need-oriented and problem-oriented, illustrated how intellectual property strategy effectively lead the innovation and its protection, and advanced the views that the commercialization of innovation need the support of government policy, industrial alliance and intellectual property licensing, etc. The report also illustrated the environment and trends of  Chinese innovation and green development mechanism based on the cases of "bamboo winding material pipe".