Professor Yu Xiang awarded as Chair Professor of Jinan University at meeting about "the use of patent strategy to enhance enterprise technology innovation and market competitiveness"

  (Translator: Ariane)The morning of October 19th, 2016, Professor Yu Xiang, a doctoral tutor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology at the School of Management and director of the Chinese-German Institute of Intellectual Property, got awarded by the Jinan University as Chair Professor. The ceremony to his honor was attended by the Vice President Zhang Hong, Dean Zhu Yikun, Vice Dean Hu Pengxiang, the director of the Intellectual Property Department Zhao Kexiang, Lecturer Jin Yongfeng, Lecturer Dangzhengban director Li Yongbiao, as well as UNESCO Office Director Zhu Zimu. After the ceremony, the guest professor Yu Xiang made a presentation with the title "The Use of Patent Strategy to promote Technological Innovation and Market Competition Ability".


  Vice President Zhang Hong presented Professor Yu Xiang the letter of appointment with the university’s medal and welcomed him warmly to join the Jinan University. He expressed his heartfelt thanks towards Professor Yu for his role and support in the development of the university’s law department. Vice President Zhang expressed his firmly believe in the further enhancement of the Law department in Jinan University. He wants to promote the law in Jinan University to cultivate talents, build teams, conduct more scientific research, and promote the international influence.


  Professor Yu Xiang said that he feels very honored by the assignment as Professor of Jinan University, and that he is willing take the responsibilities of both universities, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Jinan University seriously and will combine the resources of both institutions in order to promote the Law Department of Jinan University.


  In the afternoon, Yu Xiang professor made a special trip to the south campus to hold a lecture for the students with the title: "The Use of Patent Strategy to enhance Enterprise Technology Innovation and Market Competitiveness”.


  After the lecture Dean Zhu Yikun pounded the lecture’s topic in order to motivated the students to combine their academic focus and their professional analytical thinking further and to stay hardworking. In addition, Dean Zhu expressed thanks for the excellent lecture by Professor Yu, followed by a warm applause by all the teachers and students who attended the lecture.