Prof.Peter Münch from Zurich University of Applied Sciences visited Chinese-German Institute for Intellectual Property and gave lectures


On May 26th and 28th, 2017, at the invitation of Prof.Yu Xiang, the director of Chinese-German Institute for Intellectual Property in our school, Prof.Peter Münch, who is from School of Management and Law in Zurich University of Applied Sciences, visited our school and delivered two lectures entitled “Intellectual Property Management in Swiss Companies – with Case Studies” and “New Developments in the Swiss Patent System.
On May 26, Prof. Peter Münch introduced the innovation situation and the system of intellectual property law in Switzerland, and analyzed the application and strategic decision of intellectual property in Switzerland by case studies of different industries. Under the guidance of Prof. Peter Münch, the students carried out a lively discussion on the intellectual property protection of different industries.  
On May 28, the lecture was mainly about the Swiss patent system, which introduced the latest development of Swiss patent system in the views of service system, execution system, parallel importation issues, tort compensation and patent examination. The report was close to the current situation and academic frontier, which fully presented the rapid development of intellectual property. In the end of the lecture, Prof. Peter Münch answered the questions from the audience patiently and won warmest applause within the limited time.
The audience included not only the Chinese students from the School of Management, School of Law and School of Economics in HUST, but also some international students from Germany or other countries.