Prof. Heinz Goddar visited Chinese-German Institute for Intellectual Property and made an academic report

  (Ming Chenxu) On May 26, 2017, at the invitation of Prof. Yu Xiang, the director of Chinese-German Institute for Intellectual Property, Prof. Heinz Goddar, the advisory professor of HUST gave us a wonderful academic report entitled "University/Industry Cooperation in Europe" at Classroom 119.


  With the warm applause, Prof. Yu made an brief introduction for Prof. Goddar. On one hand, he is a patent & trademark attorney in German and European. And on the other hand, he is also the partner of law firm, such as Boehmert & Boehmert and Forrester & Boehmert.


  The report focus on IP issues in the cooperation between academic field and industry. First, Prof. Goddar introduced the IP rights during R & D cooperation for researchers in Germany, and the basic terms involved in cooperation agreement. Then, he introduced some contract modes such as Berlin Contract, Munich Contract, Hamburg Contract and BMW Contract. Especially, he analyzed the core and key points of Berlin Contract in the views of feature, objectives, achievements, responsibilities, attribution of right and remuneration, etc. The report fully presented the significant of IP terms in the university-industry cooperation.


  It is learned that the visit of Prof. Goddar was in hurry. For an old man of 77, he ignored the long journey and made full use of the precious 2 hours for the audience. After the report finished, he immediately rushed to the airport and flied to Shanghai, which is appreciated for his responsible attitude. The audience included the teachers and students from the School of Management, School of Law, School of Economics, and international students from Germany and other countries or regions.