Study Life in Munich!

September,2007,in the last year of studying for doctor degree, I obtained the opportunity of the full amount-scholarship of “National construction of High-level university government-funded postgraduate project”of Studing Abroad Fund Committee of China luckly. I Engaged in the reasearch of doctor’s thesis in the world famous Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law (Munich,Germany) for one year.

Munich, a city with heavenliness outlook situated at the northern foot of ALPS, is the metropolis of Bavaria, also be the most marvellous palace culture center of Europe. Almost 800 years since the 12th century, Munich was always the King City of Wittelsbach family of Bayern Kingdom. As the third biggest city of Germany whose population is 1.25 million, Munich has been maintaining its outlook composed of ancient architecture such as many churches and towers. Munich is a famous cultural city. There are a great-scale national library, world famous Munich University and many museums in Munich. It also be the world famous music city with more than 40 theatres, and Germany famous composer and conductor Richard・Strauss was born there. The Munich Octoberfest is the most creating grand folk festival in the world, and it will be attended by more than 5 million visitors from all over the world.

Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, one of the Max Planck Institutes, is the NO.1 research center in international intellectual property field. It is the research center of European intellectual property which is not far away from the European patent office. Every year, the institute attracts excellent intellectual property experts all over the world to come for doing research and studying. The main advantages of this institute are as follows: first, the excellent hardware condition. It owns the biggest intellectual property library and the world -class books and materials. Second, the open environmen; the Max Planck Institutes retain famous scholars and representative people in practice fields of intellectual property from the world to give lectures and research, and this supply opportunities to reasearchers for exchanging with the experts. Third, its intellectual property research level is world-class.

The intellectual property research in Max Planck Institutes is with three characteristics. First, insists on the independent academic spirit which is not influenced by the government and industry. Second, its research scope involves various fields of intellectual property and covers the whole world. Third, it can influence on the legislation of intellectual property of Germany and the EU. What’s more, it can put forward suggestions to the govenrment. The Germany professor is lifelong liability. In Germany, it’s very difficult to obtain the professorship. Therefore, the population of professor in Germany is small, and their social status is quite high. There are only three professors in Max Planck Institutes, and they are very busy. If we want to discuss with the professor, normally, we should reserve a month ahead. The Germany professors are famous for rigorous in learning, and are not allow a little slovenly. Although, the Germany professors are with very high social status, they are quite modesty and friendly to students. They like old friends of yours, when you are talking with them. Even minites of conversation with the world famous experts, you will gain a lot.

The people in Munich is very kind. Which gave me the profound impression was that in the second day of my arriving at Munich, a kind woman took me to the place where I wanted to by a phone card, and that took half an hour nearly. One night, when I was watching a performance in the city center, suddenly it rained heavily. A german couple gave me the only raincoat they took, and helped me put it on. On the metro, somebody would come to help me when I was taking my luggage for moving. All of those above wii not disappear in my memory. The life in Munich is of a sence of security. The public order in it is the best one of Europe. You need not to worry about stealing and robbery, on the contrary, there will be someone reminding you or taking the thing you forgot to you.

The experience of study oversea more than one year was very rich, and most of it had merged into my heart. This experience will be quite precious to my life. At this moment, I saw the elegant and graceful Isar River flowing through the city center. As historian Aventin wrote in 1526, "Nowhere can you live better." Obviously, if you have the chance to go to Germany, Munich is the best option.

Brief introduction of the author:

A postgraduate combined-training by Hust of China and Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law (Munich,Germany). Research direction is patent strategy and technological innovation. Awarded full amount-scholarship of “National construction of High-level university government-funded postgraduate project”of Studing Abroad Fund Committee of China. Engaged in the reasearch of doctor’s thesis in Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law (Munich,Germany) from 2007,9 to 2008,9. At present, I have published many academic papers of high quality in authority periodical home or on aboard, such as, European Intellectual Property Review, Studies of International Finance, R&D Management, Intellectual Property and so on.

I passed the doctoral dissertation reply with excellent achievement.