It Comes True:Study in China!

I have always been amazed by China and everything about it; ever since I was a little boy. My decision to come here was more a decision to fulfill a childhood dream to see this amazing country. However, when I got here, I realized I had arrived where I was supposed to be. A yearning in me to learn more about the Chinese is what made my decision feel like the right one and I have never regretted coming here for a second since!

I first came to China to learn Chinese, then a year into my stay here I fell in love with the culture and everything about China. The city of Wuhan made me like it because of its student culture, its fine people and the diversity of nationalities here. When I found out that I could enroll into an MBA program using Chinese as the language of instruction, I got extremely excited to start a new and huge challenge in my scholastic life. That is when I found Dr. Yu’s lab and learned more about his work.

After a lot of research into the matter, I decided to contact Dr. Yu and ask to join his research team. The subject of Intellectual Property had fascinated me for quite some time before I joined the team and I am more than glad to participate in the ongoing research this lab has to offer. Dr. Yu has been of tremendous help to me in many ways, especially in that he always makes the time to talk to me and help me through my research although he is extremely busy and over worked as it is. The students Dr. Yu is supervising are also incredibly generous with their time and expertise and are always there to help me with anything I might need.

I am very proud to say that I am a student in the School of Management of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The quality of instruction I was given here was always exemplary and of the highest quality. The MBA center has also been very good with accommodating me into their program although I was their first international student.

I can tell that all the working staff, the professors and the students of the School of Management appreciates the effort I make to learn in Chinese and I thank them tremendously for everything they have done to make my education in China more comfortable. I would also like to personally thank Dr. Yu and his research lab members very much for his ongoing support and encouragement.

Chadi Nassar