My Second Hometown――China!

Hello everyone! My name is Mert. I am from Turkey. Last year in summer, as soon as I graduated from Ankara University, I applied for a scholarship to study in China. After it was accepted I came to Huazhong University of Science and Technology to study my master degree.

The first time when I was in China I had some difficulties. I could not get used to living in China. Because of the fact that my Chinese language level, I had the difficulties of my studying and my daily life but when I studied Chinese for one year, international student office, my teachers and my Chinese friends helped me too much.

Last year when I walked from my dormitory to east 9 building, I saw the management school and I said to myself “one day I will be the student of this school”。After I graduated one year Chinese training course, I started to search management school website to have information about it because I wanted to be student of this school. Then I saw the page of Prof.Yu and I also heard his reputation. I called happily Prof.Yu to fix a time to talk about my ideas and to fix a time to talk face to face. When he invited me his office to talk, I was very happy. When I went to Prof.Yu, I talked about the relationship my country and China and its future plan. During this period Prof. Yu listened very seriously and this touched me too much. After that, I asked Prof. Yu whether I can be his student or not, he accepted it. Not only Prof. Yu helped me to be student of MBA in management school, but also he introduced me his master degree students. Before my master degree started Prof.Yu and his master degree students invited me their meetings. Actually my supervisor and my classmates gave me the feelings of being a student of management school. Prof. Yu and his students helped me too much. I learned a word in Chinese“贵人”, and exactly Prof Yu is my贵人 in China. I want to return all of his help to be successful in MBA and in my master degree as a payback.

This year when I has studied MBA, also MBA office helped me too much. Even though my classes are difficult to learn because of my Chinese language, but my teachers and my classmates helped me too much. Thanks for all of them.

I know that saying thanks is not enough to describe my feelings but again thank you very very much!

I always say I was born in Turkey which is my home but I have learned lots of things in China which is my second home.