Seek Knowledge,Even if you have to travel towards!

Raja Irfan Sabir

Post Doctoral Candidate,

Huazhong University of Science & Technology,

Wuhan, P.R. China(

Knowledge: The Aim:

Being a native of a neighboring country, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I had always heard about China, its long history, the great wall and the Kong Fu martial arts; but my real inspiration to travel towards this ancient civilization was and continues to be the famous quote of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), “Seek Knowledge; even if you have to travel towards China”. Most of you out there would certainly agree with me to the notion that traveling gives many chances for knowledge enhancement, broadening of vision, stability and character development through the interaction with different people and their culture. And coming to China, a nation of more than fifty six ethnic groups, has most definitely been and continues to be rewarding.


Being a traditional and the fastest emerging economy, China has lots to give to foreigners seeking knowledge and developing a stable career. It has been three and half years since I came to China and have found so many new and interesting things. During my PhD program, initially, I had to face difficulties concerning the management practices and the language. But with the guidance and moral support of my teachers and colleagues, the hard time turned into such an exciting one that I decided to stay longer and pursue my Post Doctoral diploma. The technical facilities and the peaceful atmosphere provided and extra curricular activities arranged by the Chinese institutes are to be appreciated. And at the same time, in order to become more effective, proactive learning and free interaction between teachers and students should be encouraged.


I have come across such friendly and have found deep love in the hearts of Chinese, and have developed long lasting relationships… not to mention a big family…. My Chinese mother, Hua Rvn Lan, has taught me to cook Chinese traditional dishes, like Jiaozi (Dumpling), and the traditional martial arts Tai Jee (Shadow Boxing). My Chinese sisters, “Huang Zhen”, “Dai Hanfang” and “Sun Huanhuan”, and brothers “Baha” and “Jing Zhi Ying”, all of whom are so much caring and always ready to help me in all possible ways.

The family reunions on Chinese festivals and the traditional customs like making of Dui Lian (posters to be pasted or hung at the home entrance) and keeping a Jia Pu (Family Book) are very interesting and have given me new insights. And yet, there are some traditions that may be termed unreasonable, which I believe need more attention from the educated society.

Apart from the Chinese culture, I have also had interaction with a vast number of foreign students with different cultural background. This has given me a chance to practically apply Islamic principles which I had learnt in Pakistan, and focus on common grounds when dealing with diversity and respect each others’ views in order to develop a moral society.

I welcome all to visit China, keeping in mind the challenges of globalization and diversity. Zhong Ba You Hao (Long live China and Pakistan relationship)!